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Al-Farabi's Kazakh National University

Modernization of the information infrastructure of the University

Project objectives:
  • Construction of the data center to accommodate the server infrastructure (200 kW);
  • Organization of a virtualized infrastructure to meet current and future directions of development of the University;
  • Migration of current information services of the University to a new hardware and software platform;
  • Construction of the data center to accommodate the electronic library services (100 kW);
  • Organization of infrastructure of virtualized workplaces.

The number of servers to be migrated: 123 pcs.

Number of users: 23 000.

Number of expanded virtualized workplaces: 420 pcs.

Hardware and Software: Fujitsu, NetApp, CISCO, APC, Brocade, Wilson (DSU), VMware, Microsoft, RedHat.

Project duration:

8 months