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Data Center Building


When designing computing and engineering infrastructure of data center, Smart Com offers a selection of optimal components from different manufacturers (Fujitsu, NetApp, Oracle, Cisco, VMware), works out the details and integrates into a single complex solution, economical to operate and flexibly configured for specific tasks.

Data center infrastructure has to meet several key requirements: availability, performance, readiness for change, high reliability and manageability.

One of the basic principles of selection of architecture and data center components is a modular design that provides more effective scaling, and significant savings.

Smart Com experience includes the creation of disaster recovery data center for mission-critical applications, creates and maintains all the subsystems of data centers: 
  • Engineering data center infrastructure

  • Engineering data center system monitoring and control

  • Computing platforms

  • Clusters and supercomputers

  • Virtualization subsystem

  • Solutions of "private cloud" level for virtualization and consolidation of tasks of corporate information systems users in data center

  • Data storage subsystem

  • System backup and recovery

  • Data center network infrastructure

  • Subsystem of monitoring and management of all data center infrastructure

  • The security subsystem

  • Mobile Data Center

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